Be patient, the quality will get better.

"No one cares about quality anymore." I heard that line three times, in a span of three days, from three different people in regards to commercial production. You hear it from the old producers the most. They're the ones crying over their late night beers in the sports lounge at the Holiday Inn Express, dreaming of the days when they were yakking it up with Billy Joel in the elevator at Shutters. 

But I don't believe it for one second. It's confusing, for everyone-still. Brands can't keep up. The focus is on followers, likers. You got them, now you have to keep them happy and entertained 24/7. Ever hear dead air on a radio program?  

On the other end of that, you have to consider how slow the agency and client are moving on their decisions to put every little thing out there. Only the entire world will see/judge it.... I'll admit, it's been a while since I was an agency man, so I ask, what is the approval process for a Coca-Cola Instagram?

As the portals become more robust, better resources and more money will be put toward them. It'll be tough for some big brands, but eventually they will stop rationalizing their amateurish media as "organic" and "real", and grow up. 

It's inevitable. Human nature is on our side, an innate desire, for better.

The bowling ball-sized pill we creators have to swallow is, that truism the old producer sitting at the bar always preaches, "Time, budget, quality; pick two."

Verizon and NHL

Setting up for the Verizon/NHL shoot.  A loud and public thank you goes out to all the fine folks at, mcgarrybowen, Verizon, and the NHL. ECD: Russell Lambrecht, CD: Russell Heubach, ACD: Christian Duffy, AD: Marc Del Vecchio, Art Buyer: Kayte  Geldzahler.  And of course all the pros. Scott Hartnell, Claude Giroux, Dustin Brown, Jonathan Quick, Matt Green, Jarrett Stoll.