commercial photography

Here's exactly what I say to ADs, Art Buyers, Agencies, who want me to find existing images (stock) to fit their brand.

I don’t have any images that I feel would work for your brand specifically, because I have never shot images for your brand. And, I don’t know enough about it - yet.

While I may have a style, I put a great deal of brand personalizing into each shoot. Clients see that in the end, (and love that) and that’s why they keep coming back. Sure, you can get lucky with stock every once in a while, but there’s very little genuineness. 

That’s sort of my thing. I realize it’s a stock images world due to budgetary constraints with a great majority of brands, even the large ones, but it’s not optimal, not even close, and to me, if you truly want something as important as the very face of the brand (the pictures) you need to be optimal. Authentic.  I say I lose many people when I say this, because some companies can’t, or won’t, buy into the idea. 

Others value it like gold. 

What I am getting at is, my recommendation would be for you to give me some more background/insights on the brand, give me some marketing thoughts/strategy, and give me some client thoughts, so we can knock the socks off everybody who has a hand in this by creating something specifically for (insert brand name)__________________.

Kind Regards,