Al, the Great and Powerful.

My whole life, I've never been one to hold fine details in my head. Years, names, historical facts, baseball stats, they fascinate me, but I don't prioritize them high enough, to be front and center. I would rather remember every detail of the bioluminescent waters I saw crossing the Gulf Stream  while sailing to Havana. I'm visual. This little flaw of mine, made my chances of making good grades unfavorable, which did bother me a whole lot.

Less day-dreaming, more details, I used to think. Be smart. But one day my attitude changed on the spot, and I was put at ease. I saw a poster, the standard and classic, 16x24" paper poster (I can't recall where it was hanging). It was a bleed, black & white photo, a headshot of Albert Einstein. At the bottom, in seriffed type, was his quote, "Imagination is more important than wisdom."

Unabashedly I can say the 'motivational poster' motivated me. If Albert Einstein thought my imagination was a vital asset to the world, then that was good enough for me. I charged forward, with my desire to think the way I wanted to think, and let my imagination go wherever it damn well wanted to go. 

I let go. 

Now days, I have it both ways, I have a tsunami-sized store of those fine details. Name it. Any subject; I've got the facts. Did I change my way of thinking? No, I've got an iphone and wikipedia.

Are you missing something? I am.

I constantly study myself. I make mental notes on what makes me a better thinker. I'm like a picky house plant, only the precise amount of water and light will allow me to survive and thrive. My sketchpad makes me a better thinker.  Music does sometimes. Silence does sometimes. Travel always makes me a better thinker, because in my mind, it's the best form of education. I render pictures in my head while reading, so books definitely make me a better thinker. Movies; yes. So does my, 'wall of inspiration' (that's a descriptor, not a proper noun). Of the fifteen, or so, places I've called 'home', ever since I can remember, I have had at least one wall transformed into a large collage. This collage is where I place visuals I find visually ALIVE. Mostly it's compiled of magazine clippings. I love flipping through magazines on any subject, and trimming out good design, architecture, photos, typography, quotes, drawings, color swatches. I throw caution to the wind,and mar that drywall with stainless steel thumbtacks; hundreds, and hundreds, of them. My shrine-of-aesthetically-pleasing-things grows and spreads like Boston ivy, until it takes over the room. That wall of precious clutter gives my eyes a place to settle, when I need a creative tip. 

Recently, I realized I hadn't added to my wall lately. I had let my magazine subscriptions run out. That will change. I hope paper magazines stick around for a long time.