Ispirational poster


In our house growing up, at the bottom of the steps to the basement was one of those inspirational posters, with a single large photo of two mountain climbers traversing a breathtaking mountain top, and a line of copy that read, "Anything can be done with enough care and confidence."

Every time I descended those steps -- for years, it was in my face.  


That stuck.


Greatness: "Shoe Dog", Nike Creator Phil Knight's Memoir.

Is that a long "i", or a short "i", we wondered when they first came out. It didn't matter, as soon as they were born we loved them. There was just something about the design and presentation that spoke to us.

Later in life as an Art Director, I followed every brand move Nike made. I was dazzled by how they broke through the clutter on so many levels. Creatively speaking, that is where I set the bar -- scary-good work in the early days.

And now I read the book and discover the details of it's birth. Is it a book on business? Adventure? Philosophy? Struggle? Victory? Love? Yes, all of it. 

Read it, and be inspired to make yourself or something great. ...and the part about Pre will give you chills...


Study a great brand.